Ayurveda the Wisdom Path for a Happy and Healthy Life

Ayurveda the Wisdom Path

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“Ayurveda” is an ancient system for healing that dates more than 5000 years.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and means “knowledge of life”.

The particular and special thing about Ayurveda is that the system is looking at a person in more ways than the physical one.

The first record we ‘got from Ayurveda is from Indian Vedas.

1. Ayurveda consider a person at three levels: body, mind and soul.
2. We all have three Doshas witch mean elementary based energies. When we are in a healthy state, all three Doshas are balanced and in harmony.
3. There are five elements in entire universe, conforms to Ayurveda principles: Akash (Ether/Space), Vayu (wind), Tejas (fire), Jal (water), and Prithvi (earth).

The Three Doshas Are:

1. Pitta. It is based on fire and water, and it is comparable with the energy of the sun. In the physical body is controlling the metabolism, conversion and transformation.

2. Vata. It is based on ether and air, and is the energy of movement similar to the wind. In our body is manifest as movement action and transportation.

3. Kapha. Water and wind, Kapha is the energy of building. It is very important because is responsible of building muscles and tissues, and lubricates our joints making possible the mobility. It is similar to the water in the nature.

There are many things that can affect our well-being. Our diet, our sleep, our lifestyle and the company we have daily.

Art of Being, Let Ayurveda Change Your Whole Life (video)

In Ayurveda system prevention is very important. A healthy person is:

– Who can perfectly maintain his body – the all three Doshas are in balance.
– Who has a properly digestion.
– Who can eliminates the toxins body conform Ayurveda principles.
– Who has a high sense of vision, touch, taste and smell.
– Who has a peaceful state of mind, is calm, clear, and stable.

We all live in a society, so it is very important for us to be in contact with kind and good peoples. It is known that one single unhappy person can affect the others. Connection with others is very important for us to be happy inside and outside. We are not perfect and we don’t live a perfect life, but we still can keep our balance inside and our Doshas in harmony.

Ayurveda recommends everyone to go to sleep early and to wake early with the sun. The first thing we have to do in the morning is to drink a glass of hot water. This way our body is going to eliminates its toxins.

Exercise in the morning it is also recommended. You can do yoga or go to gym. Exercise is going to improve the circulation making the muscles working properly, from the head to the legs.

Regular shower are recommended as well as rinse our mouth with salt water to clean our tongue.

We need to take care of what we eating too. Breakfast should be light, like tea or fruit juice. The diet has to be low in calories and the last meal (dinner) should be before 7 pm. A little walk after dinner time is recommended too.

Drinking a plenty of water is very important, and water should be at room temperature.

But the most important thing is the way we connect with other people. Try to speak the truth using good words, keep your calm all the time and try to control yourself.