Bumblebees on Flowers, How to Attract Them into Your garden

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Bumblebees – the “hummingbird” of flowers

The bumblebee, which is also nicknamed “hummingbird” is one of the true harbingers of spring.

They hibernate during the winter and wake up in early spring.

During the spring and summer, they randomly fly from flower to flower. Their flight is close to the ground. They are not dangerous at all. In fact, bumblebees are peaceful and extremely useful for your garden.

Without bumblebees and any other kind of bees, the flowering plants cannot be pollinated.

That means the end of our life.

They are fundamental to the plant life.

You need them in your garden.

You should protect them and ensure that they are doing well.

Photo by Pollination Press LLCMore landscaping ideas

It is not difficult to attract them in your garden.

Just keep in your mind several simple things such as:

  • Provide food for bumblebees, no matters the season – they feed on nectar and pollen. Make sure to have enough flowering plants.
  • Bumblebees need water especially in hot days and drought – it is a good idea to put some trays of water outside in the garden.
  • Give bumblebees a place to live – they love to live in cracks between stones, under flowerpots, holes in trees and barks, in a firewood stack, etc. It is a smart idea to let a small part of your garden to grow wild.

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A bee is not only a bee

A bee is not just a bee. There are hundreds and hundreds of different species of bees and of course, bumblebees.

They are not just insects. They really are nature little wonders. Without them our gardens will die.

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