Finland – Land of the Thousand Lakes

The beautiful Finnish lakes

Finland, the magnificent northern European country is situated in the Scandinavian peninsula and is named “the land of thousand lakes”.  But are really they 1,000?


The reality is they are much more than 1,000. The real number can be from 57,000 to 168,000. Only, Canada, which is the second largest country in the world, has more lakes than Finland.

Finnish lakes are ones of the most beautiful lakes in the entire world.

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Finnish lakes – attractive for nature-loving tourists

Yes, this is a fact. The Finnish lakes are characterized by their beauty and special values. They are attractive both for angler enthusiasts and nature-loving people.


A thousand lakes and much more

Finland is a magnificent country. It is exceptionally picturesque. It also has a quite specific landscape.

This is the main reason why you need to go there.

Picture that! More than one third of its area is covered by lakes. Can you imagine that?

And not just lakes. The land is also filled with waterfalls, cascades, canals, cataracts, and coves. Not to mention that all these water bodies are surrounded by forests. They give this wonderful land an amazing look.


Crystal clear water, an intense green of the forests. In other words, an idyllic landscape.

Indeed, nature is the country’s greatest wealth, and indubitably Finns treat it with respect and keep it intact.

They love to rest and relax in the middle of this ferric landscape. They have a healthy lifestyle – walking around the lake shores and along forest trails.

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