Beautiful California Poppy Flowers – Symbol of Undying Faith

California poppy – a beautiful tiny flower

California poppy or “Eschscholzia californica” is a charming golden flowering plant, native to North America that grows from Mexico to United States and Canada.

It is part of the “Papaveraceae” family.

The bright orange flowers are the symbol of California, the Golden State.

But it is also the symbol of undying and unconditional faith.

California Poppy 1

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Beautiful California Poppy Flowers – Symbol of Undying Faith (video)

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California poppy – a beautiful ornamental flower

These magnificent little flowers are ones of the most abundant wildflowers of the North American prairies.

At night and on the cloudy days they close their corolla, but when the sun is coming up, they are opening their beautiful bright orange flower.

It can be easily cultivated as an ornamental flower. It looks great in spontaneous arrangements with other flowers, wood items, stones, etc.

California Poppy 2

Now, you can find this beautiful flower almost everywhere from Balearic Island, Catalonia in Spain to Canary Islands and Chile.

It was brought to Europe and other continents to embellish the gardens.

How I have already told you, this beautiful flowering plant is used by many as ornamental plant, to adorn small and large gardens.

A perennial plant, always rigid, and formed with pinnate leaves.

California Poppy 3
California poppy – a medicinal plant

Yeah, it is true. This beautiful ornamental plant has also medicinal and healing properties.

Its healing properties are recognized from ancient times as one of the best natural medicines in North America.

Today this plant is used in the treatment of numerous disorders caused by stress.

Their properties are ideal for promoting relaxation.

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