Fat Flush Diet and Daily Menu with Fat Flush Diet Soup

Dr. Anne Louis Gittelman

Dr. Anne Louis Gittelman

Fat Flush Diet is not like any other weight loss diet. This diet is conceived by famous nutritionist “Anne Louis Gittelman”.

Fat flush diet unlike other weight loss diet does not limit the consumption of fat.

The principle of this revolutionary diet is simple, the consumption of small amounts of “good” proteins, carbs and fats.

However, for a complete and long lasting success, it is recommended that this diet to be supplemented by a program of rest and good sleep and a sustained physical exercise program.

It is necessary that you follow this diet for 4 weeks. After this time you enter in a new phase of regime. In fact, this regime is a life term regime, which involves a complete change of your lifestyle.

After liver detoxification you move to a new phase, namely the introduction of “good” carbs, proteins and fats in your diet.

How Fat Flush Diet Works

This diet take in consideration one of the liver properties that is the burning of fats. In fact, liver is one of the most important body organs. Many of us have the liver tired and full of toxins.

Therefore, if you can detoxify your liver then you can restore its function of fat burning. In this way, you can lose weight.

Fat flush diet is composed of three phases:

  • Phase #1: Detoxify your liver – It means NO alcohol or caffeine and a reduction of your caloric intake to 1,200 calories; Moderate physical activity.
  • Phase #2: Increasing of caloric intake – It means an increase to 1,400 calories intake
  • Phase #3; Increasing of caloric intake to previous levels at about 1,500 calories daily; More physical activity
Daily Menu with Fat Flush Diet Soup

In order to crash off fast, nine or more pounds you may take in consideration this recipe.

Rich in proteins breakfast is the solution to start your day and fight hunger all-day long.

For lunch and dinner you will eat fat flush soup and between you will eat fruits and veggies.


Have scramble eggs. Use 2 eggs plus 2 egg whites, a cup mixed veggies and a little piece of low fat cheese


Serve daily Fat Flush Soup.


Eat again daily Fat Flash Soup.


  • You can have two unlimited vegetables with salsa.
  • Garden salad with 1tbs olive oil and fresh lemon
  • One Piece of Fruit

Researchers found that if you eat 3 oz of cooked tomatoes daily may lower your bad cholesterol by 15 %.The antioxidant contains in tomatoes (lycopene), is guerdoning you against heart disease.