Water & Lemon Water Diet

Girl Drinking Water

Young Lady Drinking Water

We have to drink water!

Since our bodies are about 70 percent water, it makes sense that 70 percent of the food we eat should be high in water content. This is simply a matter of common sense. People who eat foods with high water content will not need to drink as much water.

The living water from the food they eat will perform the function of carrying nutrients to the cells while also cleaning them.

In fact, living water is a far superior way of keeping the body hydrated and cleansed so it may carry out its living functions with as little energy expenditure as possible.

Our lifestyle and demanding careers, leaves little scope for bothering about a healthy lifestyle.

Late night working hours and then the parties after hours take a toll on the skin and weight. Poor eating habits and especially, eating high fat content food items crash all the diet plans in a fraction of a second.

Just as you cleanse your face at the end of the day, and free it from the pollutants that clog the pores to let it breathe again, your body too, needs to be cleansed. We should all drink 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water per day

1| Aim to eat six small meals/snacks a day. Do not go longer than 3 hours without eating.
2| Enjoy plenty of good diuretic fruits in your regular diet. The best are melons and citrus fruits. They are rich in potassium which balances sodium and helps to eliminate fluid.
3| Include lots of good diuretic vegetables in your daily diet. Choose leafy green, celery, cucumber, watercress, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and onions. Like fruit, most vegetables are rich in potassium which helps to maintain a healthy fluid balance.
4| Include regular amounts of starchy wholegrain carbs in your daily diet. Some people find they do better on rice, pasta, couscous and potatoes, rather than wheat.
5| Include unsalted nuts, seeds, bananas, whole grain unsalted crackers in your snacks.
6| Aim to take in 1200-1350 milligrams of calcium, per day, until your water retention eases. Two 8oz glasses of 1 percent milk (600 milligrams of calcium) plus one cup of low-fat yogurt (415 milligrams of calcium) will give you most of what you need.
7| Substitute salmon, tuna, sardines or any other oily fish for red meat, at least twice a week. Oily fish has numerous health benefits, especially for women who suffer from PMS.<script
One of water diet is Lemon Water Diet.

As the name suggests, the ingredients of lemon water diet are lemon, water, natural maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The recipe for making the magical lemon water is:

  • – Fresh squeezed lemon juice (2 tablespoons)
  • – Natural maple syrup or honey (2 tablespoons)
  • – Cayenne pepper (1/10 teaspoon)
  • – 10 ounces of water
Benefits of Lemon Water Diet

First and foremost, lemon, a citric acid fruit, is an immune system booster. The natural maple syrup adds good sugar to the body which increases its energy levels.

The red hot cayenne pepper helps in increasing the metabolism, which all together results in desired weight loss. The magic potion cleanses the body from all the harmful toxins and bacteria if it is consumed regularly for seven days and it also speeds up the weight loss process.

Dieters often find themselves craving for sugar. Following a lemon water diet, reduces the cravings for sugar and other high carbohydrate food stuff.

As the toxins are removed, automatically the person following the lemon water diet will find a relief from illnesses. People suffering from asthma, colds and allergies will find it easy to remove mucus from the body.

Lemon water diet also purifies the blood stream and throws out the toxins from the excretory system too. Achieving weight loss is easy, but maintaining the weight loss and staying fit is what most people fail at.

To maintain the weight loss that you have achieved through lemon water diet plan, replace your breakfast with a glass of lemonade and have another glass at lunch time.

The lesser you eat to lose weight the more difficult your mission will be. Rather know your food before you eat it and count your calories.

Set realistic goal of how much you can lose and for better goal setting, get in touch with your gym instructor and dietician. Lemon water diet will only work if you follow it religiously without breaking the rules.