Dukan Diet: What Are the Fruits that You Can Eat

Several Kiwi Fruits

Kiwi Fruits

Dukan diet is one of the most popular and currently praised diets in the world. It is strange, but Dukan diet is a four-step diet plan that does not put too much emphasis on fruits, as other weight loss diets. In this article I will present only the fruits allowed in this diet and why!

DukanDieta Diet that Does not Put Emphasis onFruits

Dukan diet is a hypoproteic diet, based on high-protein content. This diet is trying to reduce as much the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, fats, sugars and salts. It is stunning but Dukan diet does not recommend some of the most popular weight loss diets foods: fruits.

According to many experts, most people receive a completely wrong food education, and here is the fault of family doctors and dietitians. Usually, all nutritionists recommend to have a fruit and vegetable diet. But the result is generally disastrous. Both types of foods contain enough calories to gain weight easily, if you consume them excessively.

More than that, fruits have a high natural sugars content that are easily assimilated into your body, more quickly than synthetic ones. However, in its natural state or not sugar it is considered a carbohydrate, one of the nutrients that is restricted or prohibited by Dukan diet.

Rhubarb and Goji, the Most Important Fruits of Dukan Diet

Rhubarb and goji are two types of fruit that are found mostly in this diet food program. Each has individual properties that can contribute to the weight loss effort. In addition, they help to combat the side effects that may occur after this diet.

a) Rhubarb is extremely effective in fighting constipation that is one of the side effects faced by many Dukan diet followers, not to mention that rhubarb has a low sugar content, which is one of the diet principles.
b) Goji fruit is extremely rich in linoleic acid that is a powerful antioxidant and one of the most important essential fatty acids. It seems incredible but Goji fruit has more beta-carotene than carrots, not to mention they have a high content of magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, amino-acids and vitamin B that only a nutritional food has.

Other Fruits Allowed by Dukan Diet

Besides Goji and rhubarb, this diet allows the consumption of other fruits but only in the “consolidation phase” only when you have achieved all objectives and you will gradually return to a normal diet.
Dr. Pierre Dukan recommends the following fruits and advises to be introduced in the diet, depending on your preference:

– Apples; Strawberries; Raspberries; Watermelon; Kiwi;
– Nectarines; Pears; Peaches; Mango.

Bananas, dried fruit, grapes and cherries are completely forbidden fruits in  Dukan diet, even in the consolidation phase, because they have a very high sugar content.