Fall Diet – Lose Weight and Increase Your Immunity

Fall diet is a perfect opportunity to adjust and strengthen your health; you have to admit that you have a bit neglected it over the summer. It is normal to be so, with the vacation culinary excesses and small guilty pleasures fulfilled without regrets.

Fortunately, with the coming of autumn, your body is back on track, because even yourself, you’ll find your usual rhythm.

But there are many other challenges: a decrease in the immune system, vulnerability to diseases and weight gain.

However, you should not be scared! You can follow a fall diet, very simple, that will help you lose weight, increase your immunity and prevent serious diseases such as cancer. But first you should know that this diet is not just about food, but also it requires a balanced lifestyle.


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

One of the major advantages of autumn is that you have at your disposal plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with miraculous properties for your body.

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Surely you’ve consumed before, but maybe you did not know how beneficial they are to your silhouette, to your immune system and to combat the effects of free radicals.

1. Pumpkin, a natural antioxidant: It’s pumpkin season, so now is your chance to get a important dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Pumpkin helps you lose weight because it has a high fiber content, which rapidly quench your hunger and combats the food cravings. At the same time, it contains a generous amount of beta-carotene, a natural antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and protects your body from cancer.
2. Apples and pears the unbeatable duo in battle with weight: Apples and pears are among the healthiest fruits in autumn. They contain many vitamins that strengthen your immunity, and also have antioxidants in their composition that prevent the cell illness. Apples and pears are great in any weight loss diet due to their high water and fiber content.
3. Autumn mushrooms – nourishing, tasty and healthy: Fall mushrooms are ideal for an additional weight loss, for protecting the body from cancer, and for the immune system strengthening. They have very few calories and can be prepared and eaten in dozens of ways, so you can integrate them with confidence in your diet.
4. Cabbage – a silhouette and immunity ally: Your diet autumn should include also a large cabbage consumption. Rich in fiber and low in calories, cabbage help you lose weight quickly, while vitamins and minerals will reduce cholesterol levels, will strengthen your immunity and will protect you from almost all types of cancer.

Make Changes in Your Daily Habits

If you want to lose weight, you can use also a few small tricks in your lifestyle and daily habits. For example, eat from plates that have a contrasting color to the food. If you eat “pasta carbonara” uses a blue plate. In this way, you will see better, the amount of food and you’ll be tempted to eat less, say experts.

Relaxation Exercise

Autumn diet that helps you lose weight, strengthen your immunity and protect from cancer requires doing also a lot of movement and exercise. Anyway, try relaxing movement instead exhausting sessions at the gym. Walk in the park are more pleasant and have beneficial effects on your whole health.