How to Avoid the Dry Eyes Effect

Dry Eyes Effect

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes, this common condition, which it’s often giving you pain and irritation, can be traded and preventable. Generally, healthy eyes depend largely on constant flow of tears that have a major role in moistening and cleaning of the eyes.

Tears are produced by tear glands that are located around the eyes and have a composition of water, different oils, specific proteins and antibodies.

Usually, any imbalance in this flow of tears creates this condition, namely dry eyes. It is an unpleasant sensation of discomfort, characterized by pain, itching, feeling of sand in eyes, redness, light sensitivity and even a blurring of vision.

However, although sometimes the tears flow is perfectly normal a person can experience this unpleasant condition that is dry eyes. In fact in this case, this is due to the absence of lubricant (oils) from tear composition.

Apart from the imbalance of the tears flow, dry eyes can be caused by:

1. Air conditioning;
2. Excessive Heat;
3. Aging Process;
4. Side effects of different kind of drugs such as birth control;
5. Structural and anatomical problems of the eye.

Use artificial tears. Put one to two drops in each eye every 8 hours.

Warning: Avoid eye drops contain chemicals, those will shrink your blood vessels and your eyes will become dryer.

Tray to avoid working long hours at your computer. When you spend too many hours in front of the computer screen, your eyes tend to blink less, at least half of a normal blink frequency. Glance away from your computer screen for a few moments every 15 minutes.

Recent study found that people who eat a rich diet in omega-3, have less dry eyes then those who consume few omega-3.You can complete your daily supplement taking 2 omega- 3 capsules.

It is not only sun but the wind that dries ours eyes, so wear sunglasses all year around for your protection.