How to Lose 5 lbs a Week with “Miracle Pill Diet”

Miracle Pill Diet Add

Miracle Pill Diet

The new concept of dieting is “Miracle Pill Diet”. With this diet plan you can lose until 8 lbs a week.

Its strategy is a combination of very safe nutritional supplements.

Studies show that combining specifics supplements can create a chemical reaction, making each substance 1o times or even more powerful.

The miracle pill is a safe combination of green tea, garlic, and sugarcane extracts; in plus is got alpfa lipoic acid an antioxidant, which can be found in most of the foods.

These supplements are on the safe side of the spectrum, and they target only the fat.

However, diet pill miracle need more research to figure out how this combo is working, but there are early evidences to confirm good results.

If you decide to go with diet you need to follow some steps.

1. First you need to prevent a new fat storage.

It seems alpha lipoic acid is responsible for increase the calorie from carbs that go to the muscle or to the liver instead of fat cells. In the experiment persons who tacked 1200 mg of alpha lipoic acid loosed 40%more belly fat compare to those who didn’t.

2. The second step is to try to burn the stored fat faster.

Garlic, a cholesterol fighter has linked to unexplained body fat loss. Experiments show garlic can be connect to the fat burning.

3. The third step is referring to the green tea.

Green tea may be able to help the fat cells to disintegrate. New studies show n green tea boost s metabolism by 5%.

The Fat Loss Formula

All this supplements should to be taken before breakfast lunch and dinner:

1| Alpha lipoic acid 1oo-200 mg
2| Green tea flavonlos 300 mg
3| Garlic extracts 150-200 mg

Other supplements to be taken before bed:

1| Policosanol 15-20 mg
2| Alpha lipoic acid 100-250 mg
3| Garlic extracts 150 mg

In order to prevent plateaus you should take one day off from supplements every week, and one week off every two months.

NOTE: Before you decide to take all this supplements, you should consult your family doctor.