How Walk Can Makes You Lose Weight

With this diet plan you can lose between 15 or 19 pounds in four weeks. The secret consisted in burning calories as much as possible. For those how doesn’t like to exercise, walking can be a good option.

Is never too late to start walking around, doesn’t matter how old you are. It is good for your health and is going to help you lose weight.

Walking can make you feel better, giving you confidence, and making you to eat healthy food. Start your walk with short route around your neighborhood. Start with 15 minutes, adding daily other 5 minutes. In the end you are going to walk around 45 or 50 minutes per day.

Try to make a plan, timing your walk to optimize it. You can do your walk any time of day but, recent studies show that 20 minutes walk after your dinner is going to make lose more weight compare with a walk on an emptier stomach. Walk after dinner helps you lower blood sugar level and lower also, fat storage hormones.

Record your walk. Just record how far you walk every day, and keep a notebook. This way you are going to be more motivated, and on track all the time.

Choose to be outside. Walk around your neighborhood and skip using your treadmill. This way you are going to feel more energize and mood and your self-esteem will improve.

Do ‘’interval training’. It simply means switching between fast and slow, it is a strategy that easily trick your body into burning fat, while you are not going fast all the time.

Use the calorie plan. When you are older and your metabolism is slowing down, use the calorie plan. You can burn 1200calories if you walk for 30 minutes every day.

Combines walking every day. Walking for at least 20 minutes with calorie controlled eating cad reduce your diabetic risk by 55%.

Walking is not working by itself you need to adjust the way you are eating too.

Eat protein. It provides a nutrient that helps your body building muscle and protects your metabolism.

Try to limit the bad fat source. Stimulate your metabolism choosing to eat nuts and olive oil, this are good fat sources.

Drink water, as much as you like don’t use sugar and give away the deserts.

One Day Menu

For breakfast you can eat a fat free yogurt with ½ cup berry and slice of whole grain toast.
At lunch you can have scramble eggs from two eggs mixed with ½ veggies and a slice of whole grain toast. Or you can have a big lettuce salad with shredded chicken breast and low fat dressing.
You can eat 5 oz grill salmon with ½ cup green beans or asparagus and 1cup brown rice.
Or eat 4 oz lean beef boiled or grilled 1 cup grilled vegetables and add over your vegetables ½ Parmesan.
For snacks choose fruits or vegetables they are healthy and low in calories.
Remember, before trying any new diet plan check with your doctor or your nutritionist.