Jenny Craig Diet Plan & Advantages and Disadvantages of this Diet

Jenny Craig is a traditional weight loss program. This program is combining low calorie diet with specific exercise.

After you decide to go with this program, an expert will guide you, and a nutritionist will counsel you through the program every week.

The program is going to provide you with pre-packaged meals. The food is kind of a normal frozen food, but with lower calories. During the program exercise is required as long as the program. The food is going to be delivered to you or you will buy it from a store every week.

Jenny Craig is been around the world in the last 20 years. With Jenny Craig you can lose between one and two pounds per week. The program is personalized for each costumer, its friendly environment and it helps people to be more relaxed and comfortable.

After the consultation an instructor and a nutritionist will guide you and advise you what kind of food you have to buy. You can be in touch with them and talk about any kind of weight problem you have, directly or online

The food cost you. You are going to buy your pre-packaged food each week for 100 or 200 dollars.

The menu consists in lean protein and less fats and complex carbohydrates. The frozen food is well balanced and you will have fresh vegetables and fruits too. During a day, you are going to eat 5 to 6 meals every day. You are starting this program with 1200 calories per day. Your foods will include chicken, pizza, fish, and turkey.


For the people who need support Jenny Craig program can be a good solution. You don’t spent time with cooking process and they offer support online 24/7.


The food cost and the extra snacks you have to buy are costly. Not anyone can afford it.

If you like to go out and have a nice dinner, maybe this program is not good for you. Eating the same food all over again can be boring.

The basic of Jenny Craig program are weight loss principles. There are no banned foods, no carb counting or points. But the food cost and the fact is a long way to achieve your goal should be taken in consideration.

NOTE: Before you decide to go with this diet plan or with any other kind of plan diet consult your doctor.