Laughter Is the Best Medicine for You

Laughing Young Lady

Laughing Girl

Laughter is a powerful tool, is contagious, and is connecting us. Laughter is a medicine which can heal us.

Laughter is the natural remedy to fight against stress, conflict or pain. Laughter is bringing our mind back into balance.

A good laughter relieves physical tension and relaxes the muscles. Laughter boost the immune system, trigger the release of endorphins (the happiness hormones), and protect us against cardiovascular disease.

More than just a respite from sadness and pain, laughter gives you the courage and strength to find new sources of meaning and hope.

Even in the most difficult of times, a laugh or even simply a smile can go a long way toward making you feel better.

Laughter dissolves distressing emotions.  We cannot feel angry or anxious or sad while we laughing.

Laughter can improve our relationships. All emotional sharing builds strong and lasting relationship bonds, but sharing laughter and play adds joy, vitality, and resilience.  Humor is a powerful and effective way to heal resentments, disagreements, and hurts. Laughter unites people during difficult times.

Laughter makes us better persons, you forget judgments, doubts or criticisms, and laughter helps us build healthy and strong relationships.

Laughter is part of our life we ‘got it from the beginning, infants smile during the first weeks and laugh in a few months.

We have to work out; we have to create opportunities to laugh:

1. Read a funny book
2. Watch a comedy or a funny show
3. Have a good time, go out with friends
4. Play with yours children or your pet
5. Do something silly, like karaoke

Studies have shown that laughing out loud has the same effect on the body as a few minutes of aerobics, jogging or tennis. Laughter blood put in motion gives a good general condition and reduces tensions.

So, in conclusion laugh as much as possible, keep things in perspective, deal with your problems and your stress.