Learn How Amazing “Cures” of Kalahari Desert Can Help You

When you think of a desert area, you imagine a huge sandy and arid area with no life signs.

This is not the case of Kalahari Desert, which is located in the south of Africa and is covering Botswana and Namibia.

Kalahari Desert is a partial desert and partial savannah. It is a breathtaking landscape with national parks and wildlife preserves.

The Amazing Kalahari Desert (video)

For generation, the native people have relied on desert’s rich array of plants, fruits and flowers as their only medicine; growing research proves these cures are among the most effective in the world.

Boost Your Energy with Horned Melon

This fruit is a funny looking one. Its egg shape and horn like spikes, is full of vitamin C, fiber and energizing iron.

It is also called kiwano, jelly melon, melano, African horned cucumber and even the blowfish fruit; it tastes like something between banana, lemon and cucumber.

You have just to slice it and eat it raw, or cut it and add to your desserts such as ice cream and cheesecake. During the year, you can found it at gourmet supermarkets.


Protect Your Skin with Shea Butter

To protect their skin from the harsh, dry Kalahari climate, women use shea butter. It is a rich natural moisturizer derived from the African shea tree.

Loaded with skin smoothing vitamins A and E, studies shown it provides smoother, younger skin within four weeks.




Maintain Your Energy with Hoodia

The San tribe’s men have traditionally used this plant for stamina on hunting trips; this plant allowed them to go for days without eating, while maintaining their energy.

Hoodia releases a compound that tells to the appetite center in your brain that it is already full.

Stop Your Back Pain with Devil’s Claw


More than 30% from Americans are suffering of back pain. Studies revels that this African plant root can relive back pain in the same way as prescription painkillers, with no side effects.

This is due to its active ingredient, harpagoside, which safely reduces pain, inflammation and swelling.

You can found Devil’s Claw at health food stores.


Stop Your Aging with Rooibos Tea

Rooibos contains aspalathin, a unique antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals and age related damage.

One daily cup of Rooibos tea is beneficial to your skin as pricey anti-aging beauty products. You can buy the tea at supermarket or health food store.

Ease Your Redness with Kigelia Oil


This is an ancient cure for rosacea, or irritation and itchiness of your psoriasis and eczema.

Kigelia oil is pressed from the fruit of African Kigelia Tree (Sausage Tree). It is an anti- inflammatory packed with amino acids, and can reduce swelling, redness, clear the rashes and acne.

New studies have shown that, it might stop the growth of melanoma, the skin cancer.