Living a Healthy Life – French Style

If there is a Danish or a Mediterranean diet, why not also a French diet? In fact, there is not a diet in the strictest sense of the word, but rather a combination of factors that make French diet to be a healthy lifestyle.

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The effects are visible and enviable. Health and suppleness, a rosy skin, beautiful hair, a svelte and healthy body.

If French diet works so perfectly for the Frenchmen, why not can also work in our case, especially because it is quite simple to apply, if you are careful to daily program and if you prove some will.

Let’s see what makes famous the French lifestyle.

A lot of fiber every day. We do not want to talk in this article about dietary fiber and their benefits on the body. These benefits are well known as well as their positive role in the overall health of the human body.

Please remember only that optimal use of fiber each day lowers cholesterol, eliminates excess fats and sugars and helps detoxification. The main idea is that fiber intake should be fully covered, every day. Once a week is not enough and most times do not have any effect.

Solution – whole grains, whole bread and vegetables.

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Just a pinch of salt.  

French food is very little salt. In fact, limiting and reducing salt consumption is the first step in preventing cellulite.

Healthy fats.

The French diet foods are rich in fatty fish, lean meats, walnut oil, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, avocados and olives. It seems they are right, and this diet is really beneficial! In fact, have you seen a French woman with belly fat?

There are no quick diets!

French lifestyle and diet exclude all the quick diets. If you want a diet, then choose a long-term diet, such as a two-to-three-month diet or even longer. It is well known that rapid diets come bundled with yo-yo effect, a lot of body fat and cellulite.

Glycemic Index.

Read, learn and especially do not forget. Read all labels carefully, learn to appreciate the real composition of preparations and remember the glycemic index value. Small differences bring enormous advantages. Always choose products that have a low glycemic index. They’re enough to maintain a healthy and steady blood sugar level and a constant blood sugar is equivalent to an enviable figure.

A lot of water.

French diet involves at least two liters of fluids per day.

No dinner without soup.

Perhaps he seems perky, but self-respecting Frenchman does not conceive to eat a bowl of soup at dinner. We are talking here about vegetable soups, simple, tasty, with few ingredients, such as a bit of cheese or skim milk.

Cook fast your food and eat slowly.

Here is a true philosophy of life. This principle and philosophy of life has two parts.

1|All recipes that are prepared quickly are healthy. Obviously we are talking about healthy dishes with vegetables, lean meats, no fried foods, healthy fats and fine sauces. If your foods are prepared fast, they will retain most of their natural benefits.

2| The second part of the principle refers to the benefits of a leisurely taken meal. If you eat slowly, you do not need too much food to be full, you can relax, enjoy what is on the plate and generally, you can enjoy the life.

Other healthy habits:

It may be added here the French habit of eating well, every morning, their passion for bread (but in small quantities) and total dependence of women on dairy and especially yogurt.

French diet is a healthy lifestyle, not necessarily a diet, but it may be the healthiest diet that keeps you beautiful, supple and in excellent physical shape.

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