Living a Healthy Life in Spain


Spanish Flag

Spain this splendid land between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea is famous not only by the beauty of the landscape and climate gentleness, but also through the health of its population. The life expectancy is around 83 for women and 75 for men.

What is the secret?

In fact, the secret lies in several factors. The main factor is obvious the Mediterranean diet consisting of plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, red wine and of course olives and olive oil. Another important factor is an excellent and well established health care system and last but not least the laid back attitude to life of the Spaniard.


The Spanish Mediterranean climate is one of the best in Europe. In all the provinces but especially in the coastal provinces such as Valencia, Castellon, Alicante, Murcia, Baleares, Almeria and others people enjoy a warm sea, quiet beaches and a bright sun almost all year round. The air is clean without polluting and the water is excellent. In fact, drinking “aqua potable” (potable water) is considered safe in all Spanish cities. Spaniards are very proud of their exceptional water quality.


Mediterranean diet is a famous well known for its beneficial effects on the human body. The traditional Mediterranean diet in its Spanish version consists of cereals, grains, fresh vegetables, fruits and red wine. In fact, Spaniards consider red wine and excellent ingredient for a healthy and longer life.


Spain – Life, People and Culture (video)

Spain is a wonderful and diverse European country. In fact, Spain is made up of several countries combined, each with their traditions and culture that blend harmoniously. There is a mixture of modern cities with a thrilling contemporary life and sleepy rural villages where everything seems frozen in time.

However, you don’t know what to enjoy more, the mountains, the beach, the plains because everything is just glorious and stunning.

If you have time, motivation and enough energy, it is impossible not to lead indeed a healthy life. The Spanish climate and landscape invites you to do that. Trekking, skiing, swimming, surfing, tennis, soccer, fiesta are just several outdoor activities for those who love an active life.

Spain has been for many thousands of years a home for many cultures and nations such as Romans, Carthaginians, Iberians, Moors, etc, resulting in this joyful and full of life people today. Spanish people is well known as an extrovert people who know how to live healthy and happy. They love to eat and party. They are extremely protective with their families, loyal friends and proud of their beloved country.