Natural Remedies for Your Acne

Natural Remedies for Your Skin

Natural Remedies for Acne

I’m sure you have tried everything to treat your acne, this annoying disease that affects almost all people during puberty. Acne is not due to a bacterial infection or other external factor. It is a common condition, which happens when oil or sebaceous glands are stimulated (mostly during puberty) by increased levels of hormones.

An elevated sebum production will clog the pores (or follicular openings). The clogged pore will gradually expand producing an unpleasant bump. This enlarged pore will allow different irritating substances and skin bacteria to get access inside, which will lead ultimately to inflammation.

But back to topic. If someone has acne, he has spent a lot of money to find the right treatment. These chemicals are expensive and sometimes ineffective, not to mention their side effects. Therefore, why to use these expensive harsh chemicals such as “Salicylic Acid” or “Benzoyl Peroxide” that can dry out on your skin causing in fact, …more acne. However, when they work, work well until you cease using them, which means that you will always be dependent on them.

Instead of using them to treat this unpleasant skin disease, you can try different natural treatments. However, they are a lot cheaper and often work much better than these harsh chemicals.


First of all, facial hygiene is critical. Perhaps this is obvious for everyone, but a thoroughly cleansing of your face can clear up your acne. You need only to use the right soap for your skin and more important, the right amount of soap and water, because otherwise, washing in excess your face can over-dry your skin. This will lead in fact, to an opposite effect, i.e. more acne.

Therefore, you need to wash your face using only, a mild cleanser two times every day. However, if you want to wash your face more than that, try using only water to moisten your face. You can splash water on your face without rubbing and pat off with a clean towel.


Sometimes, acne is the result of an unbalanced or an unhealthy diet. Without the right nutrients, a skin is an unbalanced skin. This will lead to acne.

Also, when you change your eating habits you can provoke this disease to occur. If you have been an advocate of vegetarian diet and suddenly you eat meat, this will cause acne to appear.

The best remedy is to take multivitamin. This will be great for your skin and also, for your overall health. A multivitamin is a natural and quick solution to your problem.


If you want a healthy skin, you should be washing your pillowcases and towels at least two times a week. You can wash them often during the hot season, when sweating during sleep. Washing your stuff often can keep your skin clean and healthy.


Use only natural facial masks if you want a healthy skin, especially in the summer.

You can use fresh lemon juice or olive oil. They can add nutrients and moisture to your skin. Also, apple cider is amazing after your face cleansing.

However, you can find infinite more options online.