Prepare Your Home for Easter Celebration

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Easter is the most holy feast of Christendom. All Christians in the world regardless of the rite celebrate it. And it is natural to be so. It represents the defeat of death and resurrection. Easter symbolizes the belief of Christians in eternal life.

However, beyond the religious aspect, Easter is the observance of beautiful traditions and customs. Of course, every nation has its own customs and traditions, but essentially all have something in common, i.e. joy and happiness, the celebration of spring and the rebirth of nature.

It is the spring-cleaning timeEaster, traditions, customs

Everyone prepares its home for Easter festivities. Easter is also, an opportunity for spring-cleaning, for de-cluttering your home. Take this opportunity and donate your old stuff.  However, it is Easter and spring at the same time, a renewal season.

Clean thoroughly your home from the top down to the bottom. Clean your home both outside and inside. Dust, vacuum and clean your floors, furniture and appliances. Sort and organize your clothing in the closets. If it is necessary, make even small repairs. In the end, your satisfaction will be complete when you will see your home spotless.

Decorations for your Easter party

Easter is a spring party and therefore you need pastel-colored tablecloth and napkins.

Create a wonderful Easter table centerpiece with a beautiful assemblage of spring tulips. Arrange them in a vase or purchase potted flowering bulbs. However, these wonderful flowers, spring tulips will make a perfect Easter table centerpiece and will last quite long if you add all the time, fresh water.

On the other hand, you can make a little Easter German tree, from a bunch of flowering branches, adorned with colored paper bunnies and colored eggs. This arrangement will be not only the centerpiece of your Easter table but also the focal point of your dining room. However, the basket filled with painted eggs should not miss on any Easter table.

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Preparing for the Easter party

Because I already mentioned about painted eggs, allow me to say some words about this beautiful custom. This custom that is painting or decorating eggs is lost in the mists of time. It is a very important event of this holy feast. As for Christian red eggs represent the blood of Jesus Christ flowed over the basket of eggs at the foot of the cross where he was crucified.

Although painting eggs have remained a crucial moment of the holy celebration of Easter, today eggs are painted in different vivid colors. Children and not only they use different funny sticks for decoration. In fact, this is a wonderful moment for a family. Decorating Easter eggs is a funny and also an educational activity.

Easter Dinner

Easter Table

Easter egg hunt

In fact, the most fun of this celebration, at least for children, is the Easter egg hunt.

You can use colored plastic eggs filled with coins, small chocolates, toys and candies. Hide them through your garden or inside your home before Easter party. Children will be delighted to look for and find them.

Celebrate New Life this Easter and Rejoice!