Simple Ways that Will P rotect Your Kidneys and Help your Heart

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Peoples who are suffering of kidneys stones increase their risk of developing heart disease by 50%.

The reason is: kidneys are your filter. They never sleep, they clean and filter your blood, and if they are not able to work at their top speed, it can age other tissues, including your arteries and your heart.

1. Have enough water. If your body is dehydrated your risk of kidneys problems is raised by 30%.

Concentrated urine is very tough for your kidneys to clean, and in plus it’s breeding ground from the damaging crystals that can transform into stones. Four to six glasses every day are necessary to protect your kidneys.

2. Reduce your risk of high blood pressure. A high blood pressure is one in three cases to blame for kidney disease. High pressure over capillaries that nourish the kidneys can be directly affected.

To keep your pressure at a normal level you can eat two cups of yogurt and one glass of milk daily.

This simple thing can provide you with 1500 mg of calcium every day and your artery are going to be relax enough to lower your risk of high pressure.

3. Use baking soda. One in ten women are having health problem related to their kidneys.

New studies show that adding a pinch of baking soda daily to your diet will cut your risk of having serious problems by 60%. Baking soda is having a neutralizing effect. This study is not complete yet, so before you try it consult your doctor.

4. Reduce your salt and sodium. In our days the intake in salt and sodium is about 40 percent more that recommended dose. You should protect your kidneys by reducing the salt and sodium in your diet.

When you go to do your shopping read the labels. Choose those with lower amount in sodium and salt, and eat less or not processed foods.

5. If you need painkiller use aspirin. Opt for the smallest dose of painkiller possible or even better choose aspirin instead. Aspirin seems to be the less likely to cause kidneys damage.