Simple Ways to Prevent Your Back Pain – How to Ease any Pain You Might Already Have

Recent study show that there are simple and safe solution to prevent your back pain, or to ease the pain you might already have.

Use comfortable shoes. If you use shoes with no arch support, you might throw your body’s center of gravity. Because of that, your lower back muscles to work harder to hold you upright.

Just switching to shoes with arch support will make your back pain to disappear and helps to prevent those nasty aches from happening again by 75%.

Adjust your chair. Only adjusting your desk chair can reduce the pressure in your spinal nerves by 25%.

Have a slow morning rising. Every night while you are asleep fluid seeps into your spine discs. Twist or bend suddenly, first thing in the morning, fluid puts pressure on your spinal nerves and you are going to get a back pain. Be gentle in the morning when you are rising from your bed and you will be pain free.


Have a coffee break. If you are sedentary, spending too much time on your desk, you are at risk of having a back pain. People who start getting 10 minutes break every hour (coffee break) reduce their risk of achy back by 60 %. Sitting for a long period make your back muscle to tighten and spasm.

Use a heating pad. At the end of your day, if you warming your back muscle for 15 minutes reduces your risk for muscles spasm by 20%.

Yoga and your back flexibility.  People who are practice yoga every day for 15 or 20 minutes have a lower risk of developing back pain. Yoga adds more flexibility to your spine, and helps your tight ligaments and tendons to relax.

When do you have to see a specialist? Any time you feel numb or weak when you walk; your back pain began after a recent fall; you got the pain for two or three weeks; the pain start while you are asleep; You develop bowel or bladder problems with your back pain.

Be smoke free. If you stop smoking, you will cut your back pain risk by half. By getting the nicotine out from your system, your vessels can relax and open increasing the flow to your spine cord.