Watching Cartoons, It Is Good or Bad for Your Kids?

Television is playing a big role in our life. This is starting from the beginning when we are young.

Children’s behavior is strongly influenced by the things that feed their minds, and fictional characters seen on TV become real idols and roll model.

If you watch cartoon regular then you will find that most of the cartoon are based on fighting, boxing, killing by gun, attack by car, jumping from the roof etc.

Now most of the cartoons revolve around a hero or a villain.

Children after watching the cartoon want to be a cartoon hero in real life and this process often indulge a bad behavior.

A new study was conduct over 100 children, 4 years old. As part of the study scientists show a portion of an animated cartoon. After the viewing this children had difficult time concentrating than those who doesn’t watch the cartoon.

Researchers speculate that the fantastical elements present in the fast-paced cartoon further deteriorated a child’s cognitive resources. In other words, when a child is faced with interpreting a show that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in real life, they’re more likely to zone out and have a hard time getting the motor running again.  There’s no evidence to suggest the short-term cognitive deficits found in this study translate into long-term problems.

Parents have to know TV is for kids as the chips are for adults.

Pediatrics recommends parents to limit total media time for their children to 2 hours per day, and to discourage viewing completely for the children under 2 years old.