Whole Foods that Will Make You Feel Good when You Are Emotional

1) Avocado

It is very creamy and can be a satisfying option when you crave for fatty food. Fats are playing an important role in your body, is helping vitamins absorption. Avocado is good for you and is loaded with antioxidants.


2) Papaya

Papaya contain an enzyme called papain that will help you to have a good digestion, eliminated your fatigue or irritability caused by a bad digestion. It is packed with fiber to help your digestive system moving.



3) Salmon

Great source for Omega3 fatty acids salmon is contributing to the health of your brain. Persons suffering of depression can change their condition by eating Omega 3 fatty acids. Protein contain in salmon will boost your level of dopamine in your brain improving your attention and concentration.


4) Brown rice

Brown rice is an excellent source of fiber. This fiber is going to keep your digestive system happy. It is also a good source for magnesium, very important mineral for your mood. People suffering of depression are deficient in magnesium. Brown rice i also a source for vitamin B inclusive niacin, responsible for your energy production.

Healthy Alternatives when You Crave

You can substitute:
Ice cream → frozen yogurt with a few berries
Potato chips → whole grains crackers or dry whole cereal
Jelly beans → dried fruits
Peanut butter → slice banana with nut butter
Chocolate bar → a few pieces of dark chocolate