Cholesterol–Allowed and Forbidden Foods

Healthy Diet

Cholesterol Diet

In the last years we talk more and more about the “bad cholesterol” and the harm caused to our health.

We can easily control the cholesterol in our blood, maintain the correct level.

You can reduce the cholesterol if you follow the   right nutritional choices and a healthy life style .

What we have  to do is to choose to consume particular products .



Allowed Foods:

Cereal and rice
Wholemeal bread
Eggs (only whites)
Fish: salmon, sardines and mackerel
Green tea, plate water, natural juices
Meat turkey fillet and chicken fillet0
Olive oil
Skimmed dairy products
Vegetables and fruits

Forbidden Foods:

Fat milk (more than 2%)
White bread
Fat and melted cheese
Brain, heart, kidneys ,liver
Pates and preserves
Fried in deep fat
Fast food
Candy and donuts

Be careful what you eat and your body will be your friend.