How to Avoid Holiday Health Problems

Recent studies suggest that at least 50 million Americans will suffer because holiday health problems. A few simple remedies can keep you healthy all season long.

How a Glass of Water Can Ease Your Heartburn
By drinking 6 to 8 oz of water, you can ease your heartburn faster than any heartburn medication. Water flushes acids back into your stomach, and will dilute your gastric juices so, they will be less irritating if they go back to your esophagus.

How to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holiday Season
Most people gain only one pound between Thanksgiving and New Year. This fat tends to stay, adding up to a 10-pound gain every decade. To avoid the extra gain, take generous bites of your favourite party foods. The reason is that you will feel fuller and stop eating sooner.

Reduce Your Stress with Citrus
If you feel stressful before your guests arrive, you can easily calm down by inhaling the sweet aroma of an orange, grapefruit or tangerine. This will stimulate a region of your brain that will make you calm in just five minutes. Slice up a citrus fruit and take a few moments to savour its scent.

How to Avoid a Top Season Allergy
A fresh cut Christmas tree stays fresh for 14 days. Sooner after, mold sets in sending spore levels in your home to eight times healthy limits. Mold can be found in all trees, and it grows like wildfire if a cut tree sits too long indoors. The solution is to bring home your fresh cut tree close to the holiday and remove it a few days later or you might opt for an artificial tree.

Avoid Your Bloating
Eggnog and other treats can be a disaster if you are lactose intolerance. Dairy can trigger bloating and cramps and other intestinal problems.

To avoid this situation you can take one lactose enzyme supplements a few minutes before meals.  You should check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

Seasonal Slim Down Trick
Do not avoid your meals before holiday. If you do not eat before holiday, you will eat 35% more food at your holiday dinners.

Soothe Your Muscle with Epsom Salts
By decorating and spending lots of time on your feet can lead to painful muscle aches. There is a quick solution: dissolve a few cups of Epsom salts into your bath. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium that will ease your pain.


Enjoy Arts

By attending plays, concerts, or ballets you can significantly boost your physical and mental health, reducing your stress levels.


How Red Pepper Can Help You
You should sprinkle a little red pepper or cayenne powder on your food; this can help reduce your appetite and burn more calories.

How Massage Can Reduce Your Back Pain
Lower back pain sufferers who enjoyed weekly massages, had significantly less pain in just 10 weeks compare to those who do not use massage.