The Holiday Season Happiness Secrets

Holiday season is a happy period of time, but in the same time can be a stressful period too. You can get through this period feeling festive all the time if you follow these tips.

Change your bedtime habits

Many of us are going to bed late. British researchers found that adults who go to bed early and wake up early, are happier and calmer than those who go to bed late. If you go to bed late, you will reduce your sleep quality; this is going to prevent you from reaching the deeper stages of sleep that will make you feel fully rested. You can enjoy a good night sleep only by moving your bedtime up to just 30 minutes.


Yoga can help
If you have trouble falling asleep, you should try yoga. Twenty minutes of yoga daily, helped chronic insomniacs increase their sleep time by 15%.Yoga has the ability to relax your body and mind.

Have many conversations
People who have many conversations with their friends and family members are happier than those who rarely pick up the phone. Not only talking with others is fun, but also it often leads to invitations and social meetings.

 Have a walk

Even if you are busy this period, try to have a 10 minutes’ walk before work or on your lunch break. Blood flowing through your body increases production of endorphins that will help you to remain calm and re-energize you.

Easier workouts are more enjoyable and they will make you want to do them again.

Drink a glass of orange juice

Every morning you should drink a glass of orange juice with your breakfast. Your stress will melt away. Vitamin c contain in juice will help your brain to deal with your stress; get more vitamin C from broccoli and red peppers.

Chamomile tea can help

Thanks to its compounds, chamomile tea can cut your anxiety levels in half.

You should try to have more fun to laugh more. When you laugh, you activate an area in your brain associated with the positive attitude you became more relax and energetic.