How to Curb Your Emotional Eating and Embrace A Whole Food Diet

We all got a stressful day time to time, when we plunk our self in front of our television eating junk food. This is away to suppress our negative emotions, loneliness or stress, but only temporarily.

Food can cause a negative reaction, like any other chemical. Refined foods, as candy, pastry, or white bread cause an increase of serotonin production in our brain, and this make us happy and calm.

This “natural painkillers” give us a feeling of relaxation.

Food Can Affect Your Mood

Fat and sugar can make you feel good, but this emotion will not last long. You are going to start eating more of these foods to achieve the same result. Food is addictive as any other substance.

Eating more will lead to weight problems. Emotional eating is going to sabotage your weight loss effort. When your emotion is drive your hunger, the result is you overeating sweet and fatty foods.

You can learn to control the way you are eating and keep under control your healthy weight.

Start Reflecting

It is certitude, emotions and foods are connected. You should take a minute and think about your emotion. Try to stay away from your kitchen.

Try to Redirect Your Emotions

Many of your emotions will drive you to your kitchen but you can do some other activities.

When you feel sad, you can go for a walk, start gardening or just talk to your friend.

If you feel bored, try to read a good book or you may do same craft.

You can keep your stress under control, go to do yoga, go to the gym or if you have a pet go for a walk.

Start Eating Whole Foods

Choosing whole foods it will offer you a good nutrition with no additional calories.

To keep the scale in your favor you can:

a)     Eat plenty of fiber, you are going to feel fool
b)    Drink plenty of water, before reaching for food
c)     Do the shopping when your emotions are under control
d)    Do not keep processed foods in your home