Starchy Foods Help You Lose Weight

Potatoes (Starchy Foods)

When you want to keep a diet, it seems like the entire world is against you. Just then, when you make efforts to abstain from the temptations of sweet and salty, you get a craving over cakes, ice cream and chocolates, just when you count every calorie, your stomach starts to be more vocal than ever, and above all, you feel totally devoid of energy, without giving the expected performance in your daily activities.

However, if you count yourself among those who are trying to completely eliminate your daily menu of starchy foods maybe it would be good to have a second thought and to give up your plan, because these foods can help you indeed to lose weight.

Maybe you do not believe it, but certain foods with high resistant starch content can be extremely useful in your battle with weight. Resistant starch is a compound that inhibits appetite, gives you the feeling of satiety and stimulates your metabolism to burn the fat tissue deposits.


First of all if you want to keep a diet based on starchy foods, you should know that you have to follow several key principles.

This diet requires that your daily menu to be composed of:

– 70% starchy foods,
– 20% vegetables,
– 10% fruits.


The best foods for this diet are:

Vegetables such as: potatoes (baked or boiled), lentils, beans, frozen peas,
Grain and whole grain products such as: oats, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice,
– Fruits such as: bananas

However, for optimal effect it is highly recommended to chew well your food well and do not eat on the run. Eventually before eating you can drink half a glass of water. In this way you will feel full quickly.


1| First of all, you should not overdo eating starchy foods. As long as you eat moderate portions, you have all chances to lose weight because these foods prevents you eat as much as before.

In other words, you’ll consume fewer calories. In addition, to digest starchy foods, your body will burn more fat cells and store fewer new fat cells.

2| Also, starchy foods have fewer calories, so it is recommended to replace white bread with whole wheat bread, regular pasta with whole wheat pasta, and white rice with brown rice.

3| Starchy foods keep your blood sugar under control, which means that after eating the blood sugar levels do not raise sharply.

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