How to Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleep Tight!

Good Night Sleep

How Important is a Good Night Sleep?

Having a good night sleep is important. A good sleep is improving your immunity system, boosting your memory and lowering your risk of heart attack or high blood pressure. Even your mood is lifted after a good night sleep. Eight hours of sleep are recommended.

Let’s see some tips:

1. Have a warm glass of milk

Have a warm glass of milk with one tablespoon of honey. A half an hour before you are getting into your bed drink a warm glass of milk with 1 tbsp of honey, and you will sleep better.

2. Take deep breaths

Take deep breaths. Train your brain into meditation, if your brain doesn’t shut off your thoughts, than stat breathing slowly. This simple exercise will help your brain to focus in present moment allowing you to get asleep.

3. More Omega 3

Get more Omegas 3.Daily stress is one of the things causing insomnia. One solution is to eat more foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, such walnuts, flax sides, salmon fish, fruits and vegetables. If getting asleep is not easy try eating a banana 30 minutes before bed times.

4. Take a walk before sleep

Take a walk. More and more people are suffering of sleep apnoea, which is a sleep condition. Researchers found that 15 minutes of walking reduces the risk by 30%. During the walk your diaphragm is working better and you can breathe easier.

5. Stop drinking water before sleep

Stop drinking water 2 hours before bed times. The need of using the bathroom is going to keep you awake. Try to cut drinking at least 2 hours before go to bed, avoid coffee and alcohol.

6. Avoid physical discomfort

Avoid physical discomfort disturbance when you are sleeping .Shortages in vitamin D can be a common cause of your night pain.

7. Change your pillow

Change your pillow. IF you have a headache during the night may be your pillow is the reason. Find a pillow which keeps your neck aligned with your spine.

8. Check your sleep position

Check your sleep position. Suffering of arthritis? Sleeping on your back will help distribute your weights evenly and your pain will be gone.

*** Sometimes when you can’t sleep try a melatonin pill, or have a hot bath before you get to bed.***