How to Enjoy a Deeper and Restorative Night Sleep

One in five persons are feeling exhausted after their night sleep. Health and sleep experts revel how to overcome the sneaky little things that may be robbing you of a good night sleep.

How to Avoid Snores
Snoring prevents millions of Americans from getting a fool night sleep. The nightly noise is due to poor muscle tone in the throat that allows sagging tissue to block the flow of air.

Eating a banana before your bedtime might help you. The fruit’s unique fatty acids help keep your airways open, and the effect last up to six hours.

How Vitamin D Can Help You

One of the top causes of the winter insomnia is a shortfall of vitamin D. Levels of vitamin D decrease during the cold weather mounts due to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

This is bad for your sleep because vitamin D helps regulate the release of melatonin, a hormone that tells your body when is time to go to bed.

If you have a late night, you can have a 30 minutes afternoon nap next day; this way you will recharge your batteries without changing your sleep schedule.

How to Stay Socialized

Research shows that people with wide social life, sleep more compare to people with fewer friends. The more friends you have the more active you tend to be and the more exhausted at bedtime.

If you have trouble fooling asleep, you should listened soft music for 30 minutes before you are going to bed. You will improve your quality sleep by 40%.

Have a Light Dinner

If you are going to drink coffee before your bedtime, you are not going to have a good night sleep. There are foods and beverages that can improve your sleep.

Drink Passionflower Tea

If you are on a high level of stress, you should drink a cup of passionflower tea after your dinner at least for a week. Problem sleepers, who drank one cup of tea daily for a week, dramatically improved their sleep quality.

This herb contains a compound that will increase your level of calming hormone dopamine.

Use Parsley

When preparing your meals, add parsley to your dishes.

Parsley contains a compound that will increase the production of relaxing hormone serotonin. Several hours after your evening meal, your body will be preparing for a good sleep.