How to Keep Out Fall Allergies


Autumn Forest

Avoid bringing pollen spores inside of your home. Remove your shoes and your clothes before you step inside. New research shows that you have to eat food rich in magnesium to prevent the allergy. So, eat nuts.

Take Quertcetin; this natural antihistamine blocks the release of histamine from immune cells. The daily dose recommended is 1000 mg.

Vitamin C ,1000 mg daily , slash allergy symptom by 35%.Before taking a new supplement consult your physician.

Ayurvedic remedy may help you end or reduce the inflammation.

Clear the Air at Home

1. Keep your windows open at least 15 minutes every day. The air circulation inside of your home reduces the risk of irritation 30%.

2. Use air purifier. Study shows that air purifier can filter 90% pollens or dust.

3. Bye an aerosol can. Tests shows that the inflammation can be reduce significantly.

4. Have plants inside of your home. Decorate with houseplants can keep ozone levels low.

5. To keep your home clean, bye gentle cleansers that are free of chemicals. Bye ‘’GREEN’.

6. Use good products cosmetic with no chemical or flagrance.

7. Before you vacuum your home dodge the dust with a soft cloth.

8. Eating an apple and carrot daily can improve your immunity.