Lose Weight with Dance DVDs

Dancing on the Beach


There are so many diets and weight loss programs that is hard to decide, but none is so enjoyable to follow as dance DVDs.

Dancing has always been a means of communication for humans, a form of expression and art, but today here’s the dance becomes a very important tool in your battle against weight. It can help you lose weight without resorting to exhaustive exercises seen on different gyms. Today, you can find a wide range of weight loss DVDs on the market. Actually, you can meet almost all musical genres from Latino music and dance such as samba to aerobic dance and hip-hop. However, you will get only benefit, regardless of musical genre that you choose.

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WEIGHT LOSS Weight loss is for sure the most important benefits of these DVDs. You will burn a lot of fats and calories dancing. Dancing is actually similar to performing intense exercise such as walking, running or cycling.  However, unlike exercise, you do not feel tired dancing and you will always have fun.

You will continue this kind of “workout” for a long time.

STRENGTH & ENDURANCE There are others benefits of dance DVDs such as consistency in exercises and endurance. You need practice to learn the dance steps. If you practice regularly the whole dance routine, your muscles and your body will develop slowly endurance. Your adipose tissue will shrink while your muscle will develop. In other words, your body will be more lean but stronger, and you will do your routine daily without feeling too tired.

FLEXIBILITY While building strength and endurance, you can also work on your body flexibility. Systematic practice of dance will lead to a greater flexibility and grace of your body. Flexibility is a natural result because when you dance all your joints and muscles are in motion.

IDENTITY & CONFIDENCE Besides all benefits such as flexibility, strength, endurance and weight loss, dance DVDs will progressively build in you a strong sense of identity and confidence. Your posture will become more imposing while your self-confidence will grow continuously.

BODY BALANCE A better body balance is another natural result of a regular practice of dance.

SOCIAL ACTIVITY Dancing is a social activity and you will become more sociable.

DANCING WILL INCREASE THE BRAIN & MEMORY FUNCTIONS This is a fact. Based on different researches people exercise their brain and memory while learning to dance. You need to memorize every step if you want to learn the whole dance. This activity will decrease significantly the incidence of Alzheimer ’s disease.