Zumba Fitness – Have Fun and Lose Weight!

Do you want to lose weight, but without being forced to do strenuous exercise?

Zumba Dance

It is possible, if you turn to Zumba, a new fitness technique that combines Latin dance with music and exercise so that your workouts will seem more fun than exhausting. In fact, this fitness technique is as effective as any regular aerobic program.

Zumba is a fitness type appeared relatively recently in the late ’90s, but it has gained momentum only in the recent years. It combines Latin dances typical movements such as merengue, samba, salsa with aerobic fitness and typical exercises, all accompanied by the vibrant and melodious Latin music.


Zumba was “invented” accidentally

Zumba appeared somewhat accidentally in South America, namely in Columbia. Its creator, aerobics instructor Beto Perez has forgotten the usually music for aerobic classes at home.

So, Perez has used music that was available, namely merengue and salsa music, which it usually listen to since childhood.

Forced to improvise and train his students on an atypical music, fitness trainer has created without even realize a new movement. He has combined fitness moves with Latin dance. Improvisation has been a huge success and he soon was able to organize aerobic special classes on Latin music.

Later, after the success he had inhis native country, Bento was able to lunch this attractive new fitness technique in the United States and Canada and in just a few years, this Colombian fitness trainer and his Zumba experienced a huge international success.

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Simple, efficient and fun movements

Because this new fitness technique includes a large range of highly effective and simple moves, Zumba is extremelly beneficial for your body.

It works many muscle groups,  so itis ideal for body sculpting and toning. More than that, because it is just like any kind of cardio activity, it helps you lose weight fast. Within an hour of Zumba you can burn many calories, even up to 1,000 calories.

Zumba includes some of the basic principles of aerobic and resistance training, maximizing calorie intake, cardiovascular and body toning benefits.

Movements strengthen and fortify in particular the leg muscles but also abdominal muscles, arm muscles, and the most important muscle of the body, including the heart.

You do not have to be an expert to participate in Latin dance zumba workouts. Movements performed are simple and easy to follow even for those “ant talent” regarding dance.

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