Skin Care Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Beautiful Young Lady

Radiant Skin

Sometimes, the way you care for your skin to make it radiate beauty, it does nothing else but makes you look older. Excessive use of skin care methods lead to premature aging of the skin.

Let’s see together some of the most common mistakes that you do when you care for your skin. Try to avoid them, so you enjoy a smooth skin that radiates freshness and health.

1. A too Often Skin Exfoliation
It is true that exfoliation is an essential step in skin care routine along with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. By exfoliation, you can cleanse your skin in depth, releasing the pores of impurities, removing the  dead cells, improving the blood circulation and giving your skin a fresh and smooth look. However, all good things have also a less good side, and exfoliation can damage in certain situations. Experts say that it is not good to abuse of products specifically designed for exfoliation because you risk skin irritation and wake up with red patches, hives and swelling. Over time, an excessive exfoliation of the skin promotes premature aging of the skin.
If you have a normal skin, mixed or oily skin you can exfoliate 2 times a week, but if you have a dry and sensitive skin, one exfoliation is enough.

2. Do not use products with SPF
Sunlight is one of the fiercest enemies of a youthful skin, and if you do not defend your skin using products with SPF, you’ll quickly get old without even realizing why. Whether summer or winter, do not leave the house without using a product with SPF (yes, ultraviolet works even in winter). Besides classic sunscreen creams, you should use for your facial skin a SPF moisturizer or a SPF tinted moisturizer.

3. You’re Aggressive with Your Skin
Every morning when you look in the mirror, you see a new wrinkle. It is true that wrinkles occur when your body stops producing collagen as another time, but equally true is the fact that you’re the one who favor the appearance of wrinkles through an aggressive behavior on your skin.

–  For example, when you shape and shade your eyebrows, you used to raise them.
–  When you outline your eyes with eyeliner, you have the habit to pull the outer corner.
–  When cleanse, you rub your skin, as you would be upset with something.

All these gestures apparently little lead in time to the formation of wrinkles.

4. You Use Creams that Contain Preservatives
Many skin care creams that you find in commercial promise to make you look younger, but unfortunately, the truth is that there are few who meet this promise. Many cosmetic products heavily promoted, have harmful effects on the skin rather than miraculous effects. They actually favor a premature aging by the preservatives they contain.
Read carefully the creams packaging. If specified that the products do not contain “parabens”, you can use without worry.