Thanksgiving Dinner Table Centerpiece Magic

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Centerpiece

With inexpensive seasonal produce from your grocery store, you can make your Thanksgiving table stunning.

Warm and Wonderful

Create a sumptuous look by surrounding an assortment of candles with fall bounty, like mini pumpkins and gourds from market.

Modern Chic

Ornamental green cabbage and fall flowers add freshness to your tabletop. To do: just put a stem of cabbage, kale or Boston lettuce into a container and fill-in with flowers or berries.

Bursting with Beauty

A hollowed out pumpkin make the perfect container for your flower. Just put a small plastic container of water inside to keep blooms fresh.

Seasonal Sensation

Snip branches of berries about three inches long and tuck them around the bottom of pillar candle in a wide bowl. Add a few leaves for contrasting color.

A snap Centerpiece

Arrange leaves, pods, acorns and berries around the edge of a large platter, then wind thin gold or copper wire randomly around the top and tuck pillar candles in the center for extra glow.

Fruity and Fabulous

Nestle small oranges or kumquats inside of a vase and fill with water, then add flowers. The oranges will hold the stems in place and give the arrangement a punch of energizing color.

You can keep your arrangement fresh and longer by adding two tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to a vase water to discourage the growth of bacteria.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!