How Thanksgiving Can Boost Your Happiness all Year Around

Traditional Holiday

Thanksgiving a national holiday in the United States and Canada.

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrated by Canadian and American peoples. In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the second Monday of October. In America is cerebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

It is great to have a national holiday to give thanks for everything is going good in your life. Family and friends are getting together to cerebrate together. This links to a grateful attitude to a longer and happier life and closer relationships.

Focus on this Experience

By focus on this happy experience, will make you enjoy and value it even more.

God Bless America | Happy Thanksgiving Day (video)

Try to Make Every Day a Thanksgiving Day

When someone makes you happy, like a hug from your child or a night with your friends, remind yourself to appreciate this unique moment in your life and enjoy every moment.

At the end of each day think at one good thing that happened that day, and that single detail will make you happy.

Find Someone from Your Past to Thank

Write a letter to those in your past help you. This is going to make you thankful and at your turn, you are going to make someone else happy. On the other hand, just sent an e-mail is going to do the same result.

Try to Do a Good Deed

When you are doing a good deed that is going to make you feel good. However, doing one when is not expected will give you a boost of happiness; everyone who is doing charity is feeling a big happy feeling.

Be Thankful for the Bad Thing in Your Life

It is easy to be thankful for the good things in your life. You have to be thankful for the bad things in your life too.

You learn more and you become stronger from your bad experiences. When you faces a disappointment try to see the good side on it. Did you miss an important meeting, try to balance the situation, is just another day and another guaranteed meeting.

Think positive and be nice to everyone in your life and your happiness is guaranteed.