How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help You to Heal Yourself

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is famous for its natural herbs remedies. Its history is going back more than 2000 years ago. Chinese people had their specific way to diagnose and to cure a disease.

Use Cordyceps to Boost Your Energy
If you are feeling tired and your energy is low, this Chinese mushroom extract can may help you.

Using this mushroom:

a)     Increase your energy by 20%;
b)    It is an aphrodisiac substance, which increase your sexual appetite.

Another thing is that Cordyceps is doubles oxygen intake in only one month and a half, and your whole body is going to increase your energy more efficiently.

You Can Relax with Jujube

We all feel the stress in our days. Stress can damage your sleep too. Chinese got a remedy: jujube. Chinese people used this fruit as a sedative.

Its active ingredients calm down those regions responsible for your stress; another quality is that jojoba eases your anxiety and can improve your sleep with no side effects.

Fight Your Allergy with Reishi

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom and its compound acts as an antihistamine to block your allergies before is even started. Reishi can smooth your inflammation, and is not having a side effect.

Combine with Cordyceps reishi is proven to be an anti-aging remedies.

Fight Cold and Flu Season with Astragalus

Astragalus can improve your circulation and is going to boost your immunity system, helping your body to become more strong and resistant to bacteria. It is use as an adjuvant to cancer patients in traditional treatments.

Using Dong Quai Can Ease Your Menopause and PMS Symptoms

This herb is very powerful; and is going to calm down your PMS cramps. Being an anti- inflammatory is twice strong compare with classic aspirin. Dong quai mimics female hormones like estrogens. In China, dong quai is use to relief menopausal symptoms, like dryness, low libido and night’s sweats. This herb may calm down hormonal irritability by 25%.

These Chinese herbs medicine you can found at health food store and come in tablets, capsule and liquid form.

Before you decide to use these supplements or any other supplements consult your doctor