Boost Your Immune System with Astragalus Root Extract

Huai Chi

Astragalus Extract

Astragalus or “Huai Chi” root is one of the most known and used herbs in Chinese medicine. This amazing plant has been used for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine and is well known for its beneficial effects on the human body.

In fact, when we say “Astragalus” we do not refer only to a single kind of plant. “Astragalus” is a large genus of plants, almost 3,000 species of shrubs and herbs. In the traditional Chinese medicine is used “Astragalus Propinquus” (or “Astragalus Membranaceus”), which is an herb.

Astragalus Root Benefits (video)

It is known that unlike Western medicine, which treats each organ separately, Oriental medicine and especially the Chinese medicine treats the human body as a whole. However, in recent years we see a rapprochement between western medicine and Chinese medicine.

Western medicine begins to rediscover the benefits of certain “super herbs”. Among them, we can mentionAstragalus”.

But what makes this herb so famous?

Astragalus” is a strong adaptogenic herb and it has an impressive ability to balance and increase the function of your immune system. In fact, you can see a powerful boost of your immune system. Your body will respond incomparably better to risk factors such as different kind of infections or flu.

Astragalus Plant

The root is the part that is used from this plant. It has a flat and long shape. In fact, it looks exactly as a tongue depressor. You can find “Astragalus” root in any health food store.

How can you use Astragalus root

You can add these “Astragalus” root sticks to your foods such as soups, rice, stews or other foods with only one condition; they must boil at least 30 minutes. However, do not forget to throw the sticks when you have finished cooking.

Astragalus and your immune system

However, in addition to beneficial effects on your immune system “Astragalus” also, has several other outstanding benefits on the human body, such as:

a) “Astragalus” improves your digestion function;
b) “Astragalus” aids and improves the function of your adrenal gland;
c) “Astragalus” can act as a natural diuretic;
d) “Astragalus” can dilate your blood vessels, which is extremely important in regulating blood pressure;
e) “Astragalus” may be helpful in convalescence, in recovering and restoring of the body;
f) “Astragalus” may be useful in the fight against cancer, boosting the body’s defenses.
g) “Astragalus” can reduce body swelling and restores spleen functions.

Astragalus & Echinacea

Today, “Astragalus” is one of the most researched herbs. It is perhaps, the best known immune system natural stimulant. In many ways, “Astragalus” is similar to “Echinacea”. Both have the same beneficial role in boosting the human body immune system. At the same time, these wonderful plants ensure fast recovery of a traumatized body.

NOTE: Concentrated solutions of these plants can cause numbness and tingling of your tongue but only for short time.

Astragalus Plant

Astragalus Membranaceus

Astragalus & Ginseng

A combination of this amazing herb with no less famous “Ginseng” improves your immune system and has a remarkable anti-inflammatory action.

In addition, this combination is widely recognized as a powerful natural vasodilator.