3 Tips to Get Rid of Belly Fat

One of the biggest problems today is the fat around the abdomen. “Belly fat” is not only an unsightly manifestation of obesity, but it is also extremely dangerous to your health – in addition to aesthetics; it is largely an indicator of various diseases.

It is not enough just crunches exercises to get rid of this fat deposit. Fat actually start to accumulate when your levels of cortisol are elevated.

Belly fat

Stress is the main culprit for the high cortisol levels. When you are stressed, cortisol destroys muscle (it is known that muscle tissue burns calories efficiently and quickly) The breakdown of muscle tissue will lead to the abdominal fat deposition.

The latest studies and researches clearly showed that stress can also be caused by an improper diet thereby increasing the cortisol levels. Therefore you will not see any change in your abdominal region even with a dramatic calorie restriction.

So what is the solution?

How can you manage to get rid of this unattractive luggage?

Let’s see three tips that can help you to have a flat and firm stomach as you’ve always wanted!

1. Rest as much as possible

The first tip is actually a basic rule.

Avoid at all costs working too late at night.

Working late at night will disrupt your biorhythms leading to excessive consumption, not to mention the loss of precious hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation reduces the production of hormones that affect levels of cortisol, which causes sensitivity to insulin, the main reasons for the unwanted belly fat to stay there forever.

You need at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is extremely necessary for the human body.

2. Short exercise bursts

A thousand crunches a day can strengthen your abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, the fat layer will not shrink too much and will be frustrating for you to see that you will not get the desired results.

So instead of all those exhausting crunches, exercise in short intervals, which activate your cardiovascular system and several groups of muscles.

3. Sugar is your number one enemy

A healthy diet means 80% success in fighting this unsightly belly fat. So it is recommended that you reduce your calorie intake by eating whole grains, vegetables, proteins and replacing the full of sugar snacks, with the healthy ones.

However, if you’re craving sugar, add a little cinnamon in your oatmeal or morning coffee. Cinnamon is a perfect tool to stabilize your blood sugar levels, not to mention that slows down the rate at which food leaves your stomach, which will help you feel full for a longer time.

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