How to Diet and Exercise to Beat Belly Fat

Medicine Ball

Young Lady Doing Exercise

First thing to keep your belly flat is to have a proper diet and to keep a healthy life style.

Statistics show that most of people in our days are tired and stressed only because of their sedentary life. If you don’t exercise or you are not eating properly, healthy meals, sooner or later is going to show it in your belly fat accumulation.

The belly fat is a different kind of fat that is very difficult to burn.

If you cannot afford going to the gym, at least try to stay more active and keep your diet under control.

Drink more water. Drink water 1 hour after your meals or 2 hours before the meal. Water is going to help you, flush the toxins from your body and is going to give you the full satiety sensation and obviously you are going to eat less.

Change your eating habits. Never skip your breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. If you are not going to do like this, your body tend to get hungrier during the day and you start eating more at lunch or at dinner in order to compensate that. If you don’t eat in the morning, in time your metabolism is slow down, your body is not burning calories anymore and your belly fat is accumulated.

Cut the fat down from your diet. In order to lose your belly fat is much easier to prevent that.


Just cut down on butter, mayonnaise, dressings, and avoid the fat on your meat. If you want to eat cheese try the low fat and drink only 2% fat milk.

Do exercise for your entire body. Work your all body to get your belly fat off. Start building your muscle is the best way for your stomach to be flat. In time you are going to get use with your exercise and you are going to be happier and look great.

Avoid the processed foods and sugary foods like coke cola, junk foods and fried foods. These kinds of foods are high in sugar which is going directly in your blood and stored as fat in your body.

You can still eat well and also keep your diet. The way you can do this is simple keep a balanced diet. Allowed your body to use a variety of proteins and eat whole grains. If you eat Lean and small portions you are going to be happy and yet you are still dieting.

Tip to Beat Your Belly Fat

1. Just switching to whole grain pastas, whole wheat bread and rice can effortlessly trim at least 2 inches off your waistline in just 4 weeks.
2. If you are staying inside you will eat less. Avoid going out and eat at restaurant, eat your meals at home; this way you keep under control what you are eating and you could ease 7 pounds of your tummy fat in one year.
3. Drink green tea. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols which are responsible of blocking sugar absorption and cut off the production of fat –storing by 40%. Drink two or three mugs per day.
4. If you feel like having a snack eat walnuts (2-3 oz) every day and you will burn up to 50% your calories.
5. One of the last studies suggests that we are more likely to eat something fat when we are feeling tired and upbeat. To avoid that use healthy snacks during the day. In time you could shred five pounds from around your tummy each year.