How to Keep a “Perfect” Weight Loss Diet

Balance between Diet and ExerciseIn fact, I do not know if there is such a thing as “a perfect weight loss diet”. Many diets have proven effective over time.  After all, everything depends on you. With will and determination, you can make a diet to be successful.

So, a perfect diet is a theoretically ideal, difficult but not impossible to achieve in practice. Sometimes it is necessary to change completely or at least to adapt your lifestyle.

There is no miracle diet that can help you lose extra pounds, effortlessly.  You need to speed up your metabolism. Only in this way, you can burn more calories and get rid of your belly fat.

In conclusion, a “perfect weight loss diet” is a combination of healthy diet, exercise and discipline.

Let’s see a typical day:


Wake up and do not linger in the bed. Start your day with some exercises such as pushups, squats, crunches and jumping.


Eat your breakfast: an omelet or two fried eggs (without oil) and a piece of breakfast sausage or a slice of ham. In fact, a high protein breakfast will make you to eat less during the day.
Give yourself a little break for a good digestion. Enjoy a cup of tea or a coffee without sugar.


At this hour, you should go to the gym. Start your exercises slowly and increase their intensity gradually, until you reach a maximum intensity.


Take a break and drink a glass of skim milk. Only a rich Calcium diet can accelerate the weight loss. It is OK if you prefer a cup of yoghurt, but only probiotic and 0% fat. Countless studies have shown that people who eat dairy products have a faster weight loss.


At this hour, “the perfect diet” recommends a high-protein snack. The best is a sandwich with whole wheat bread and cheese, chicken, tuna or turkey. However, your snack should not exceed 250 calories.


Again, it is the right time for some exercises such as a quick walk or climbing up a few floors on the stairs. However, you should walk more than one kilometer daily.


Time for lunch. You need a lunch rich in Magnesium, which can stimulate your metabolism. Therefore, you should consume a spinach salad with almonds and grilled chicken or turkey.


At this hour, no need for gym but you can take an easy walk through a park. It will help your digestion.


The best is to drink a cup of green tea. Green tea contains “catechins” a type of antioxidant that can lead to a significant reduction in body fat.


At this hour it is indicated a spicy snack. It is well known that all spicy foods can increase your metabolism and burn fat.
Between 17:00 and 19:00 time to relax.


You need again to do some exercise.


You should take your dinner. In fact, your dinner will be a lunch rehearsal but as a variation, you can choose another kind of meat and you can add a glass of milk and a cookie (cranberry cookie or chocolate chips cookie). Take your time and enjoy every bite. It is extremely important for a good assimilation and digestion to eat slowly and chew very well every bite.


Try to relax but do not lie in bed or sit on the sofa. Relaxation is critical. It is well known that stress is an enemy of any diet. It stimulates a lot the “cortisol” production that is a hormone, responsible for body fat deposition.


Time for sleep.

If you respect this program at least 7 days you will see significant and amazing results.