Defeat Fatigue with Natural Remedies – Be Always in Shape

Today, many people complain that they are tired, even if they sleep around 8 hours a night. Whether going through a stressful period or the daily tasks are becoming more numerous, one thing is certain fatigue has taken over our lives.

If you come to feel exhausted and even the most ordinary tasks seem a chore, then you need help and natural remedies are a life-saver.


Ginseng is a plant used for thousands of years as a natural energizer that treat drowsiness and fatigue. However, herbal medicine specialists warn not to consume ginseng than when you’re really tired, otherwise you will be nervous. A diet with ginseng is about six weeks and you should consume 2 grams per day.


Eggs are one of the best ways through which you can naturally combat tiredness. A balanced diet that includes eggs, will help you focus on what you have to do more than energy drinks. Eggs are full of protein, iron, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B2 and pantothenic acid.

Skimmed Milk

A dose of milk with cereal for breakfast will help your body fight fatigue where you find yourself. The secret is to mix a little protein with carbohydrates to be in shape. If you eat only carbohydrates, the brain will produce more serotonin and you will become sleepy.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Yoga Positions

In India, yogis often practice specific movements and meditation techniques to ward off their fatigue. So, lie on your back and use your pillow to position your feet higher than the head. In this way, you allow your blood to circulate to the brain and you will become more alert.


A diet with magnesium will also help in battling this chronic fatigue. Experts recommend 400 mg per day. This mineral is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body and plays a role in converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy sources.

Ginkgo Biloba

In traditional medicine, this herb is used to increase the memory. Ginkgo improves blood flow to the brain and thus helps you to be more active and less tired. Take 15 drops of tincture of Ginkgo every morning.


Argyle is not only beneficial in the treatment or skin revitalization. It helps in refreshing the entire body. Because of trace elements (magnesium, chromium, cobalt) that maintain and enhance physical and mental tone, argyle relieves fatigue and help you get back on your feet in no time.

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