10 Simple Tricks to Feel Better Instantly

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, this does not mean you have to radically change your daily routine, to enroll in an intensive fitness program or to give up the pleasure of taste.

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Sometimes it takes only a few small changes in your life, for example to crunch a carrot instead of the junk food while watching a favorite movie. In fact, the effort you have to do is a minor one but it is the guarantee of spectacular effects.

1| Stretch your leg muscles:

Without an adequate blood circulation, the muscles and nerves of the toes are not working properly, which will give you sore knees and hip and back pains.

Solution: Grab your toes with your hands and stretch them well. This will make the blood circulation in your feet moving after they were tortured for a long time in shoes, especially if you’ve spent all day standing or sitting in the office.

2| Outdoor walking:

It is known that a dose of oxygen will quickly improve the blood flow to the brain. If you can, then combine outdoor walking with an easy exercise; a brisk step walk will have miraculous effects on your good mood.

Even when you’re at work, get a short break of 10 minutes and walk a bit outside. This will relax your entire body, from the top of head to toe, and will bring a good feeling.

3| Wash bedding frequently:

In case you did not know, the sheets are the preferably place of mites, these small organisms that are found all over our house and whose droppings trigger allergies.

Solution: Because you can completely get rid of them, it is advisable to wash your bedding once a week in hot water to prevent their proliferation.

4| Do 25 Jumps:

25 stretches and jumps are absolutely sufficient to change your body position and provide a boost to your blood circulation, not to mention your mood will change instantly. Do not forget that while jumping to stretch your arms and legs and then back to your original position. Rapid movement of the body complete with an enjoyable music will result in happiness hormone secretion which will make you feel great and will give you a good general condition.

5| Quit your underwear:

Quit your underwear, at least during the night, especially if you are prone to urinary tract infections. For women lack of underwear allows their external genital organs to dry and reduces the bacterial growth that otherwise would make their way up the urethra causing a UTI.

6| Eat carrots:

The banal carrot is never appreciated for its true value, and this is a great loss. It has an extremely high content of vitamin A, which transforms it into the best ‘medicine’ for your eyes, but also for your skin. One carrot a day will do wonders for your eyes and skin.

7| Take care of your sleep:

Set the phone on silent when sleeping so as not to be disturbed. A good night’s sleep will revive for another day, but it will not be as relaxing if your phone will ring every hour. In addition, if you find it hard to sleep because your schedule for the next day or the previous day’s events do not give you peace of mind, try to breathe deeply and regularly, focusing your attention to each inspiration and expiration: Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, and mentally try to follow the air flow in your body.

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Feeling Good

This is an excellent technique of meditation for beginners and will calm you instantly. May be difficult at first but with exercise, in time, you’ll be able to control very well your breathing, thoughts and eventually, your sleep.

8| Watch movies with pets:

It is proven that small and cute pets, such as puppies and kittens, are an effective remedy against stress. When you feel your energy is not as high as it once was, do a quick search on YouTube and watch some funny videos of puppies.

9| Lower the volume:

Super tech era in which we live, we used to always sit with on the headphones, but the very high volume can damage our hearing in the long term. Lower the volume – about 60% of maximum and try to keep them not more than 60 minutes per day. In addition, the headphones are the own way by which your ears have contact with bacteria.

10| Drink cocoa:

A small piece of chocolate can improve your mood immediately. But it’s better to choose healthier options such as baking chocolate or cocoa.

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