Massage Therapy in the Treatment of Various Disorders

Massage therapy is used to treat problems such as muscle and joint pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia. It can also improve circulation and neurological functions.

Massage Therapy
Couple Having Massage At Spa Center

Therapeutic massage is soothing or stimulating, according to the applied technique, speed and depth.

The massage is effective if it is done by a professional helps to create a good feeling, harmony and balance. It is well known that nowadays, stress is a negative factor and this type of massage is one of the healthiest options for improving the quality of life.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

The benefits of massage therapy are virtually endless and many countries that have adopted it, even during the job program for the employees to be less stressed and more able to work.

There are several types of massage therapy:

a) Health maintenance massage – helps to maintain the general health;
b) The massage that reduce stress – helps to reduce muscle tension and provides a general relaxation;
c) Postoperative massage – helps to reduce recovery time and accelerates elimination of anesthetic, reducing the stiffness and pain associated with the patient bed- rest.
d) Therapeutic Massage also releases endorphins, helping to reduce depression, soothing and reducing pain associated with terminal illness, reducing the stress effects and giving emotional support.
e) Massage Therapycan be used successfully for people with disabilities, as well as athletes (after possible injuries), improving their performance.

Therefore, therapeutic massage has different names: relaxation massages, stress massage, rehabilitation massage, all of these types of massage are part of massage therapy. Over the years, studies in the field have shown that massage therapy helps reduce chronic back pain, relieve chronic pain and seems to be very beneficial for children suffering from attention deficit disorder.

Before starting the massage sessions, the therapist needs to know your medical history. Generally, there are used natural oils and the massage is done on the whole body if the massage is for relaxation, or on areas where the pain is more acute. It is highly effective in case of pronounced fatigue. Relaxation massage is not brutal or painful, so you can leave your body “to float”. After such treatment, the patient is encouraged to drink plenty of water because the therapeutic massage has detoxifying properties and requires at least two sessions for the effects to be felt.

The therapeutic massage adopt the philosophy that the body knows how to heal itself and the massage is the signal for the organism.

If done correctly and in a professional environment, this is one of the most powerful methods of treating and preventing pain, a non-invasive and safe healing method.

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