Foods that Can Compromise Your Smile

Bright Smile


Nothing better expresses confidence than a large and bright smile, but if your teeth were not healthy and white, as you would love to be, then your smile could end up in a wide grin. Yes indeed, you can find a huge range of teeth whitening items in stores and you can also resort to the services of a dentist, but you can follow a more natural way to have a perfect smile. Here are some of the foods and drinks that should be avoided if you want to have white teeth and a bright smile.

1| Tea and Coffee – The black pigment (tannic acid) in these beverages consumed especially in the morning stain your teeth brown, not to mention the amount of added cream and sugar that can cause cavities in your teeth. A smart solution is to rinse your teeth with a glass of water after each cup of tea or coffee.

2| Red Wine – It is well known that red wine is good for your heart, but in no case for a bright smile. The wine pigment can change slowly the appearance of teeth, giving them a matte finish. In fact, red wine is an interested but tasty mixture of naturals tannins, acids and dyes that can work together to stain and etch your teeth affecting its enamel.  Your teeth will become increasingly soft. A rigorous dental hygiene will significantly prevent this. The same is true when you eat raspberries, blueberries or strawberries.

3| Coca-Cola – This beverage has the same disastrous on teeth as teas and coffee. Coca-Cola has a very rich sugar content and is acidic, both aspects damaging your teeth slowly in time. In fact, Coke leads to more rapid tooth decay than any other kind of soda. The solution is to brush thoroughly your teeth or rinse them with water only after you consume these drinks, otherwise the sugar and acid from their content will continue their dirty work long after you have finished drinking.

4| Chocolate – Similar with coffee, dark chocolate texture can destroy tooth enamel and its sugar content can be devastating if you do not brush thoroughly your teeth immediately after eating chocolate. However new studies have revealed that some components of chocolate can “fight” tooth decay. It would not be surprising if in the future we can find in stores, toothpaste with … chocolate.

5| Candies – It is known that the very rich of sugar content from candies erodes the enamel of teeth causing them to decay. Also breaking hard candy in your teeth may crack them destroying the overall look of your smile.

6| Citrus Fruits – Lemon and lime are very acid (citric acid). This citric acid in contact with your teeth, over time, can lead to their erosion causing cavities.