Regular Consumption of Red Meat Can Shorten Your Life

Two new studies conducted by the prodigious Harvard University reveals that regular consumption of red meat and soda can increase dramatically the risk of premature death.

It is well known the effect of excess consumption of hamburgers and other red meat products on our waistlines. Also, daily consumption of carbonated drinks has a huge contribution to weight gain.

In fact, when it comes to red meat, we do not mean only eating hamburgers. Red meat consumption means much more then how well a piece of meat is cooked. This consumption is a great risk factor for everyone’s health.

And this danger for our health and life is highlighted by Harvard University studies.

They have noted that daily eating of an unprocessed red meat serving can lead to an increase with 13% of premature death.

Red Meat

Red Meat Products

Of course, the percentage of the risk factor increases dramatically for processed red meat. Hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon or other processed red meat products may increase this percentage to 20%, which is a pretty serious threat to our health and even to our lives.

Studies were conducted on a sample of 120,000 people, women and men.

Of course, that these studies were unable to prove, with certainty, a link between consumption of red meat or processed red meat products and premature death, but an association it could be established between them.

However, researchers were very careful to delineate these risks according to health, age and sex of each participant.

Either way, it is evident that the regular consumption of red meat leads to an significant increased risk of developing of a chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes or even cancer.

In fact, this study made by this famous university citadel advises us to reduce the amount of red meat and red meat processed products in our diets.

The second study made by the same university was performed on daily consumption of sugar sweetened and carbonated beverages.

It was established with certainty, the harmful effect on the human body. It is enough the daily consumption of only 12 ounces of these kind of beverages to increase the risk of heart disease by up to 20%.

This increased risk factor does not apply to those who drink only occasionally soda.

According to “The American Heart Association” is recommended the consumption of not more than 450 calories from these soda beverages.