Gastritis Will Impose a Change in Your Diet

Man Suffering from Gastritis

Man Suffering from Gastritis

Gastritis in medical terms is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

The process can be acute or chronic.

Usually manifests are: nausea, vomiting and heartburn.

An important role in what is causing the gastritis is the stress added to our life.

For that reason a good lifestyle in general and a hygienic diet, a correct diet can play a major role.

Causes of gastritis are in an inappropriate way of eating. That why the main recommendation is to eat small meals throughout the day. It is also, very important to chew food slowly.

Risk factors are: alcohol; smoking; coffee; eating at irregular hours.

Diagnosis can be established from history, physical examination, but certainly an endoscopic examination and biopsy provides gastric tissue.

Treatment depends on the cause, but general measures that should be respected by patients, such as elimination of risk factors, eating regularly (at fixed hours, 4-5 times/day) to avoid too heavy meals, smoking cessation, alcohol.

Recommended Foods:

Meat and fish
One day old bread
Eggs: soft-boiled, scrambled diet, prompter, egg white foam, puddings
Flour: semolina, rice, noodles
Vegetable form of soups – cream
Fruit: ripe fruit, ripe fruit purees

Foods to Avoid:

Buttermilk, yogurt, cheese fermented;
Pork, bacon, lard, meat canned meat, smoked, sausage
Spices: mustard, horseradish, pepper, paprika, pickles
Chocolate, coffee
Food too hot or too cold
Fried foods
Carbonated waters

Potato is a natural remedy against gastritis.

Drink every morning the potato juice, obtain from 1 potato drink it immediately on a empty stomach

NOTE: In gastric disease is very important to follow the doctor medication, and to keep the specific diet. Avoid if is possible the stress, and remember that gastritis has a good prognosis it’s heal relatively quickly, in a few weeks.