How to Fight Bacteria H Pylori

New studies suggest that may be a connection between H pylori infection bacteria and the developing of “Parkinson disease”.

H pylori bacterium is responsible also, for stomach disease. H pylori bacteria produce many toxins that can be responsible for Parkinson disease. You can consider you have an H pylori infection when you struggle with any of this signs:

Burning stomach pain
Bloating; Burping,
Indigestion; Nausea.

The way you can protect yourself is by making a few lifestyle changes.

Take daily supplements with vitamin C. A daily dose of 1000 mg vitamin C, can improve your immunity system, and a strong immunity system can destroy this bacteria and reduce your pylori infection risk by 20%.

Mastic gum can help. If you take ½ g of mastic gum (tree extract )every day, H pylori bacteria is going to be inhibit and even more it can be destroyed up to 80% on contact.

Fresh Cranberries

Fresh Cranberries





Eat cranberries. You can snack dried cranberries as much as you want. They are very healthy; adhering to your stomach like a coat for h bacteria is tough to get thru. Cranberries will wipe out the bacteria for 15% of infected people.

Probiotic yogurt fights H bacteria. Start eating yogurt twice a day. Probiotic, live bacterial cultures cut out H pylori levels 37% in one month and a half. The yogurt can strength your immunity system too.

Cook your meat properly. Studies found that 45% of store-bought chicken were contaminate with H pylori. The way you can protect yourself is by washing your hands immediately after handling any row poultry and by cooking the meat until is no longer pink. The right temperature is 170 F for breasts, and 180 F for the whole bird.