How Chocolate Makes Your Heart Works Better

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It is much more than our wishful thinking; chocolate is truly, good for our health.

Researches prove that chocolate is loaded with health benefits, especially dark chocolate may have a great contribution to improving our cardiovascular circulation.

Cocoa has an almost magical effect to your heart, due to its high percentage of antioxidants (polyphenols).

In fact, cocoa and dark chocolate have the same beneficial effect on the human body as blueberries or green tea.

A daily dose can lower your blood pressure with three points. But that is not all. This sweet treat can also, improve your blood flow preventing in the same time any plaque formation in your blood vessels.

Chocolate Dessert Feast for Valentine’s Day (video)

If you prefer it in place of other sweets, you will cut the risk of artery-clogging as much as 12%.

Cocoa reduces inflammation and relaxes the arteries.

There is a perfect correlation between a healthy heart and a healthy circulatory system (blood vessels).

If you have cholesterol or blood pressure considers taking 300 mg cocoa supplement. Yale University Professor Dr. David Katz has demonstrated the astonishing effect of chocolate or cocoa consumption on those suffering of blood pressure.

The results were stunning. In only two ours after eating a tablet of dark chocolate the blood pressure of the participants to test dropped significantly and their blood flow was more improved.

Warning: However, before taking any supplement check with your family doctor.

Cocoa can improve your memory and can give a boost of energy.

The natural antioxidants from cocoa (plyphenols) open up the blood vessels, improving the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain. These natural antioxidants are similar with the antioxidants found in many vegetables and fruits such as soybeans, oranges and all kinds of berries.

Eating chocolate makes you happier and you will get a sunnier outlook.

People consuming cocoa every day puts brakes on their aging by cutting the risk of chronic disease by 35%. Why?

This is due to the fact that certain compounds in dark chocolate and cocoa, called flavanols, disables all unstable molecules in your blood, known as Free Radicals. Also, flavanols stimulate your body production of nitric oxide. The role of nitric oxide is to open and relax your arteries thus improving circulation and reducing your blood pressure.
How much is the daily dose?

Have 16 oz of hot cocoa or 2 oz of dark chocolate. Pick up the products that contain at least 70% cocoa.

If you decide to stay up late or to drive, have little dark chocolate before. It’ll boost the blood flow to your brain making you more active.