Soya Beans (Soybeans) the Miracle Food You Should Eat

The soya bean (U.K.) or soybean (U.S.) is a species of legume native to East Asia.

For years soya beans is known as a super food in North America. Asian people used soya for thousands of years as a source of protein and for many others reason.

Soya Can Slow Your Skin Aging

More than 60% of women have seen improvements in their skin texture and tone when they add soya to their diet.

Soya beans are rich in isoflavones, a plant compound that will increase the skin production of collagen.                                                                                   

By introducing soya beams in your daily diet, you can cut your risk of breast cancer by 20%. A compound in soya is acting as mild estrogen, blocking the effect of women’s stronger and more damaging estrogens. You have to get your soya benefits only from food, not from supplements. Supplements are not recommended, they may increase the risk of cancer for women already at high risk.

Soya Might Improve Your Menopause Symptoms

For those women with estrogen levels low, soya can cut the occasional hot flash by 39%.

Soya Keeps Your Arteries Clear

You should pot for soya instead of fried or fatty foods you usually eat and it could cut your arteries clogging LDL cholesterol level by 12%, it could trim your blood pressure by 9%. The antioxidants contain in soya, relax your arteries and lower the liver production of cholesterol.

Soya Can Help You Lose Weights

Soya beans are packed with proteins that will stimulate your body cells to burn fat for fuel. Adding soya to your diet might help you to lose weights.

In Japan and China, people are eating ¼ cup of soya beans or tofu or other soya product daily.

In conclusion, by eating soya foods daily, you can prevent heart disease and you can stay slim too.