How “Lunch Diet” Can Help You Lose 10 lbs in Only One Week

I was looking for an easy, quickly an uncomplicated diet to help me lose 10 or more lbs in one week.

I found this diet and it has worked for me; I lost 11 lbs in only one week. I was going to a wedding and I receive many complements for my new silhouette. Now, I will share with you my experience of dieting.

This diet helps me lose an impressive amount of weight simply, by cutting calories at a single meal: you have to shrink what you are eating at lunch but you can keep unchanged your breakfast and dinner.

At first, I was not very confident in this diet plan but I start it anyway. Shrinking my lunch was not a big sacrifice and I was not hungry. As long as you control your portion to a 200 calorie, you can eat any food you like.

If you can change the amount on your plate, you change the amount you eat and as a result, you lose weight. This strategy can work any time of the year. After just 4 days of cutting my lunch, my normal sizes were too big for me. You have to learn to eat your lunch in moderation .You should give away sweetened beverage too. Stay stick with this plan and your weights are going to came off.

Another thing, I was felling more energetic on the days when my lunch had a little protein.

One-Day Menu


At breakfast, you can eat a healthy favorite food, but stop eating when you are lightly full.


For lunch, enjoy 200-calorie mini meal: two 0z lean meat, one slice whole grain bread and mustard taste plus green salad. Alternatively, you can have two oz chicken breast, 2 cups salad and fast free dressing.


Enjoy your healthy favorite and stop eating when lightly full.

Snack. Snack is optional, only if would have one on a typical day. You can eat your healthy favorite snack and stop eating when lightly full.